Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Circulate Those Magazines!

We want our students to become voracious readers.  We want them to read for information and for pleasure.  We want them to engage in materials that appeal to their interests.  So, why do most school libraries choose to not circulate magazines?  Every school district I have been employed in--from Rhode Island to Florida--the school media center policy was...magazines don't circulate!!!   This was something I just couldn't accept and fortunately I always had a principal that agreed.  So, I changed that policy in every school media center including PES.

Just take one look at these happy faces and 
you will agree with this policy change which was effective immediately!

Fifth graders showing off their first magazine checkout!

Why borrow magazines?

In the pages of children's magazines, readers will find:
short stories
informational text
biographical sketches
crossword puzzles
jokes and riddles
diagrams, charts, maps
art and poetry contests
sports highlights
science experiments
and even more!


Here's your big chance... Cricket Magazine is offering the opportunity for students to help create a fantasy story.   Fred Durbin and Emily Fiegenschuh, author and illustrator need your help inventing a hero or heroine, a sidekick, a villain, and an imaginative fantasy world.  Students can visit: and add their ideas while reading what other kids from around the world are suggesting.  Participate in Cricket's first-of-a-kind crowd-sourced fantasy!  One challenge is to help invent magical words for the "Fantasy Dictionary."  Check it out!

FOR MAKERS: Come check-out the September issue of Appleseeds and read all about skyscrapers. Then you will be ready to create your own magnificent structure.  Here's your chance!  Design and build a model of a skyscraper.  Use any materials you want and make it as big or small as you desire.  But... it has to be able to stand up on its own.  Take a picture of your amazing creation and submit it to the Appleseed contest.  All submission details are found in the September issue- available in our PES Media Center!

FOR SCIENTISTS:  ASK (Arts and Sciences for Kids) focused on the "Drop It!" theme for the September issue.  Did you know that all around the world, scientists are busy dropping things? Sometimes even on purpose.  This issue is chock full of interesting tidbits and concludes with an opportunity to enter the "Drop the Art" contest.  Check-out the magazine in our school library!


ONLINE VERSIONS:  Today's students and their families are so fortunate to have the vast amount of free resources available at their fingertips through the internet.  Here are links to several online magazines which are perfect for the PES students.

Time For Kids

Highlights for Kids

Cricket - publisher of several magazines provides free access to samples of each publication.

National Geographic Kids


Kids Discover

Sports Illustrated for Kids

Amazing Kids!

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  1. Glad you were able to change the policy! The kids look SO happy. :)